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Shelby Lorman is a woman on a mission, pushed to the edge by the failing of men. She is cursed with a keen sense of observation and a justifiably short fuse. And, luckily for us, her battle cry is extremely witty. Lorman has gone viral, in an age where that means almost nothing, by Instagram highlighting all the “good boys” in this modern age who are rewarded for doing the bare minimum of what polite society necessitates. Usually the microaggressions of public transit and the confusions of modern dating are all tucked in our collective trauma banks to be brought out and dissected in safe spaces, but here Lorman lays out all the bullshit for everyone to see. Trolls be damned! Any femme millenial reading this book will feel comfort in seeing these awkward and oft-harrowing experiences bound into the legitimacy of a book publication. We’ve always seen these good boys and rolled our eyes, but now it is as undeniable as a book in a bookstore. Some would posit that Lorman should delve into the depressing reality of how lethal misogyny really is, but I argue that there are other books for that. In Awards for Good Boys we just get to laugh and poke fun at the men whose wickedest crime is that they fall short of actual decent behavior, sometimes by inches and sometimes in bounds.

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