The Jane Austen Kama Sutra: A Playful Presentation of Sense & Sensuality

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In times of countryside walks, social engagements, and evenings filled with conversation, the words they used could now be considered a double entendre and altered to be scandalous, racy, or even provocative. Now 69 quotes from Jane Austen’s notable works are paired with suggestive silhouettes to provoke sensual thought and imagination. These perfectly matched pages will tease you, tempt you, and awaken your inhibitions, all while being delightfully suggestive. So heed the author’s promptings, grab your smelling salts, and be prepared to have your imagination delve into the depths of naughty delight.

A delightful spin on classic literature, Joelle Herr curates a fun, flirtatious book meant to awaken your sensual side. With chapters titled “Desire and Connection,” “Endurance and Exertion,” and “Ecstasy and Satisfaction,” readers know they will be taken on an evocative and seductive journey. With alluring silhouetted images, readers can visualize and speculate upon the described actions while still keeping a level of decorum. Just enough to be properly scandalous, The Jane Austen Kama Sutra still finds the perfect balance of tantalizing ecstasy without being tawdry while also being the prefect gift for any fan of Jane Austen’s works.

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Publish Date 2016-Oct-04
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