Make Your Move: The New Science of Dating and Why Women Are in Charge

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In his previous book, Jon Birger dissected the modern dating pool and its ramifications for highly educated women; in this volume, he presents the how-to solution. Beginning with an argument against the traditional dating game, Birger proves women taking the lead is not only acceptable but optimal. He gets into the specifics of finding a good partner, expanding one’s dating pool, and even dealing with reluctant grooms. For heterosexual female college-educated women searching for a partner and frustrated by the mystery that is modern dating, this book is a godsend –the cheat sheet you’ve been waiting for. Its breakdowns (and break-aparts) of outdated societal norms and their negative consequences will help you in your search for a companion, especially if playing the game the traditional way hasn’t been getting you results. As in his last book, Birger’s claims are all well-researched; the constant stream of scientific studies is a lovely reprieve from the vague generalizations of most dating guides. Although at times it felt as though the book’s applicable advice was slightly diluted by the number of examples and illustrations, what is supplied is excellent – and entertainingly presented. Overall, Make Your Move is a powerful confidence boost well worth the read.

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Format eBook
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Publisher BenBella Books
Publish Date 2021-Feb-02
ISBN 9781948836906 Buy this Book
Issue February 2021
Category Relationships & Sex


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