The 8 Myths of Marriaging: Making Marriage a Verb and Replacing Myth with Truth

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Marriage is hard; a good marriage is something that takes dedicated work. It’s dynamic, not static. “Marriaging, like parenting, is a skill—or an art or a science—that can be continually and actively worked on, developed, and improved,” say Richard & Linda Eyre. Like parenting, marriaging is something we do and strive to become better at.

Yet there are common misconceptions, unrealistic expectations, and misunderstandings that lead to frustration and discouragement. They come packaged as wisdom, but instead they backfire and cause harm to our marriages. These include statements like, “A good measure of the quality of your relationship or marriage is how alike you are and how infrequently you disagree or argue.” Or “I can find (or create) a perfect match for myself, and then I will be happy.”

Myths lead us to see ourselves, our world, and our marriages unrealistically. The 8 Myths of Marriaging confronts common marital misconceptions and offers healthy truths instead. I enjoyed their healthy perspective and no-nonsense advice that challenged me to confront some of my preconceptions. I love the verb “marriaging” and am inspired to put more action into making my own marriage fruitful.

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