We Are the Economy: The Buddhist Way of Work, Consumption, and Money

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“What do I work toward? Whom does my work serve?” These are among the many thoughtful questions that author Kai Romhardt invites us to ponder through We are the Economy: The Buddhist Way of Work, Consumption, and Money. Anchored in the teachings of the Plum Village tradition by esteemed spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hanh, Romhardt applies Buddhist philosophy to a critique of the economy, focusing the analysis on our work lives, spending habits, and investment choices.

Romhardt offers a critique of economic models and resultant corporate cultures that prioritize profits over people. While not directly speaking to the rising criticism of capitalist greed, the book echoes similar sentiments and offers an alternative, minimalist approach to endless cycles of consumption and competitiveness.

Mindfulness is the heart of reflective inquiry, and Romhardt asks many probing questions, guiding readers toward developing an ethical framework for how we work and manage money. Mindfulness is about fully knowing our intentions, and what motivates the economic choices that we make throughout our lifetime.

In light of the ongoing global pandemic and impending economic downturn, Romhardt’s lessons about purposeful work and meaningful consumption are timely and relevant. Searching deeply to identify the roots of desire and entitlement, there’s an opportunity to pivot toward moderation, achieving the middle way.

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