Tarot by Numbers: Learn the Codes that Unlock the Meaning of the Cards

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Tarot by Numbers is Liz Dean’s offering to novices and enthusiasts who seek to deepen their understanding of the tarot deck by making sense of its linkages to numerology. Dean demystifies tarot reading by focusing on its “operating system,” the numbers representing the progression through the proverbial stages of the journey. Dean shares the history of the tarot and uncovers the symbolism found in the order and sequence of the numbered cards in the major and minor arcana. She discusses associated elements, timing techniques, and using numbers to make sense of the essential characteristics of tarot spreads.

Tarot practice is entrenched in the Kabbalah, the mystical belief system within Judaism. My interest in the tarot is rooted in my curiosity about indigenous female-centered spiritual practices. As a student of culture, history, and mythology, I am intrigued by how contemporary women from all backgrounds find utility in this divination tool. Tarot by Numbers is a practical guide for tarot learners of all levels, who will benefit from Dean’s insights about various number techniques in tarot spreads. One gains cognizance of how the structural numerical symbolism of the tarot deck is inextricably linked to the reader’s acute intuition and profound intentions.

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Format Hard
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Publisher Fair Winds
Publish Date 05-Jul-2022
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Issue November 2022
Category Spirituality & Inspiration