Positively Introverted: Finding Your Way in a World Full of People

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Introversion is widely misunderstood, among those on the opposite end of the spectrum and even among those who exhibit its tendencies. Maureen “Marzi” Wilson’s Positively Introverted: Finding Your Way in a World Full of People is an illustrated book filled with helpful advice on learning about and accepting all the goodness that comes with being an introvert. Wilson spent a lifetime understanding her own introverted preferences and defining boundaries in family dynamics, friendships (both online and in-person), dating, and success at work. The list of useful tips run the gamut of surviving busy and chaotic airports to negotiating a salary increase, all presented in Wilson’s delightfully unique writing style and accompanied by colorful and fun sketches.

Positively Introverted is a whimsical take on overcoming the challenges of being an introvert in an often loud, overwhelming world that emphasizes quantity over quality in social interactions. Wilson shares her process of self-discovery, from taking care of yourself to realizing the benefits of therapy and the power of play. This book is enjoyable and affirming for the introvert who is just realizing the value of protecting one’s private nature. For anyone who has struggled with succumbing to the expectations of extroversion, the coping strategies suggested in Positively Introverted offer comfort, like spending a cozy night at home with a new book.

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Format Hard
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Publisher Adams Media
Publish Date 05-Apr-2022
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Issue July 2022
Category Self-Help