How to Draw Inky Wonderlands: Create and Color Your Own Magical Adventure

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Artists and budding artists, both young and old, enjoy creating complex drawings that can be featured in gift books, fancy stationary, fantasy books, and fairy tales. However, it can be daunting to get started on making these kinds of drawings.

This book first offers a brief introduction and tips on how to use the text, followed by a list of the simple but important materials needed when doing these specialized illustrations. There are then three major sections in the book — Garden, Ocean, and Forest. Each section has wonderful, instructive illustrations showing the step-by-step process of making stylized flowers, leaves, butterflies, fish, seashells, insects, gates, birds, and more. Then there are instructions showing how to incorporate these individual drawings into borders, backgrounds, frames, and fully illustrated pictures. There are plenty of places in the book to practice as the artist is learning, as well as ideas for complete projects.

This is a beautiful book that will take doodlers to a whole new level and will also help budding artists to learn how to add a layer of professionalism to their work. This is a winner.

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