An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Castle Legends

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There are somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 castles in Scotland, and with castles come legends. Tales of monsters and marauders in castles are part of the culture of Scotland. Each of the eleven stories in this book has a short introduction, telling a bit about the castle and its history. What sort of mysterious creature wanders the passageways of Glamis Castle, the home of Shakespeare’s Macbeth? Read the story to find out. If you have ever wondered what the true story of the Loch Ness Monster is, you can find out with the legend of Castle Urquhart. Faeries and wizards, selkies and goblins, ghosts and dragons, knights and kings populate these charming stories retold by writer Theresa Breslin and brilliantly illustrated by Kate Leiper. Each story is the perfect length for a read-aloud for the elementary school crowd. The enchanting illustrations are populated with well-designed hints for what might be coming in each of the tales. This is a really fun way to help youngsters learn a bit about Scotland and its history and the folktales that contribute so greatly to its culture. This stunningly beautiful book would make a perfect gift for any child from 6 to 12.

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Format Hard
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Publisher Floris Books
Publish Date 2019-10-15
ISBN 9781782505952 Buy this Book
Issue October 2019
Category Early Reader


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