Toxic Femininity in the Workplace: Office Gender Politics Are a Battlefield

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It can be immensely difficult to navigate the turbulent waters of both professional and casual interactions at work. How can you offer criticism without offending someone? Make your point without coming off combative or unreasonable? Deal with the chronic stupidity that comes with outdated stereotypes and suffocating gender roles?

First, take a deep breath. Second, get this book.

Toxic Femininity in the Workplace is a hilariously acidic mix of sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek condescension, and artful juxtaposition that points out the insane hypocrisies that define so many daily interactions in business and the social world when it comes to gender. Whether it’s explaining how free tampons aren’t the same as equal pay or exploring a world where women aren’t interrupted in meetings, this book is packed with inventive, entertaining, and engaging ways of confronting the horsesh*t women deal with every single day.

Toxic Femininity in the Workplace is brilliant for several reasons. One, it’s hysterical, and that counts. Two, it manages to take a truckload of incredibly serious issues that are worth discussing openly and absolutely slaughter any sacred cows standing in the way of those discussions by inverting, twisting, and otherwise cleverly subverting the norm.

And, hopefully, amidst the laughs, it serves as recognition that these aren’t problems to be swept under the rug… they’re ones to be faced head-on.

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