Magnet (Object Lessons)

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Magnets are the coolest. Like lasers, lightning bolts, and liquid nitrogen, magnets are one of those items that science teachers can always count on to spark the interest of students. Plus, they’re the easiest to work with. Everyone has them, everyone recognizes them, but the science is deeper, more complex, and more fascinating than the material on magnets appears in any school textbook.

If you’re looking for a wider range of information on all things magnetic, Magnet is a good place to start. The latest in the Object Lessons series on everyday items and concepts, Magnet/ briefly, but intriguingly, explores everything from the earth’s magnetic north and compass navigation to how animals naturally interact with magnetic fields. Each chapter is just a sample of the material out there, but it is still satisfying.

Honestly, this is the best edition of the Object Lessons series I’ve seen yet. You never know what you’re going to get when you pick up one of their books. Sometimes they’re straightforward tomes exploring numerous facets of a given subject, while others are so steeped in philosophy and tangential ramblings that they become a chore to read. Thankfully, this one is the most focused and on-topic edition of the series I’ve encountered, reveling in a rich, intriguing topic in easily parsed language, yet never shying away from heavy science.

A breezy read that will pique the interest of scientifically-minded readers and lapsed students alike, Magnet is good stuff.

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