The Wit and Wisdom of the Troops

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If you need inspiring words, grand statements about service, liberty, heart, and pride, look no further than the United States Armed Forces. For centuries, generals, admirals, and luminaries of all sorts have shared their brilliant, spirit-rousing thoughts with the masses, urging us to be our best.

The Wit and Wisdom of the Troops collects dozens of quotations about all things military, covering everything from the horrors of war to the incredible acts of selflessness that seem to come part and parcel with defending our freedoms.

Although a few of the quotes are a little too rah-rah jingoistic for my tastes, the vast majority of them speak to brotherhood, loyalty, respect, and dedication, all very worthy qualities that exemplify the brave men and women who continue to serve this country in myriad ways.

From George Washington and John McCain to Teddy Roosevelt and Ulysses S. Grant, this is a book loaded with deep thinkers who know the military inside and out. The Wit and Wisdom of the Troops is pure inspiration, the kind that stirs the soul to action.

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