Golden Rules: Wit and Wisdom of the Golden Girls

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Few shows are as iconic and beloved as The Golden Girls. Even decades after originally airing, the show still pulls strong ratings in reruns and has garnered new generations of fans captivated by the hilarious and heartfelt relationships between the show’s inimitable four protagonists.

Golden Rules celebrates the show in stylish fashion, mixing drawings of the cast with photos from the show to evoke the right mix of nostalgia and reverence. But while the art choices are smart, the true highlights of the book are the scathing one-liners and hilarious exchanges that highlight Blanche’s confidence, Rose’s curious naivete, Dorothy’s savage wit, and Sophia’s penchant for delivering knockout blows at any moment.

Honestly, this book feels like a bit of a tease because it goes by so fast. And since it mostly consists of funny lines, it’s really more wit than wisdom. (Though, to be fair, the book does conclude with one or two heartwarming lines from the show.)

With references ranging from Sicily to St. Olaf, plus charm to burn, this is a delightful little microcosm of what made the show so great.

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