A Hunger of Thorns

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Maude and Odette used to spend their childhood swinging from the weeping willow tree, telling stories of princesses and dragons and how they would rescue each other from towers. Their days were filled with wild joy, laughter, and dragon growls that came deep from the back of their throat. But children grow up, and friendships drift apart.

But when Odette goes missing in search of dark magic, everyone thinks she is dead, everyone except Maude. Maude knows exactly where to look, Sicklehurst, the abandoned power plant built over an ancient magical forest. Now, Maude finally has the chance to be the hero of her own story and save Odette as she always did in her stories, even if there is a monster that needs to be slayed.

Beautiful and emotional, this lyrical story will wind around its readers, lulling them back to a time when fairytales were told and dragons were slain. A story that exemplifies the power of love and friendship while also highlighting the fierce strength and power of girls. A Hunger of Thorns is a magical tale that will sit with its readers long after the last page, carrying soft echoes of magic upon the wings of a glimmer moth.

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Author Lili Wilkinson
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Random House Children's Books
Publish Date 18-Apr-2023
ISBN 9780593562666 Buy this Book
Issue June 2023
Category Young Adult