The Crafty Gardener: Inspired Ideas and DIY Crafts From Your Own Backyard

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The Crafty Gardener is an instructional and self-help book designed to help you make the most of your garden. The chapters are divided up by season, and each season includes flowers and plants that will grow well at that time as well as recipes for DIY essences, soaps, drinks, and decorations. Becca Anderson has a love for any and all things that have to do with plants in general, made obvious not just by her making this statement multiple times throughout the book, but also by the abundance of information she has included in The Crafty Gardener. To a person who grows the same things, the recipes should be easy to follow, and they will bring about cost-effective and meaningful products for personal enjoyment or gifts to others.

I love that Anderson has included several informational lists, such as flowers that will attract butterflies in the spring, the language of flowers in the summer, remedies for curing illnesses in the fall, and colorful shrubs for winter beauty. The health benefits from herbs and plants, which you can grow in your backyard garden, can help improve your quality of life. Overall, this book is a great resource to keep around to help improve the quality and appearance of your gardens and your life.

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