Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change

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Sickness and death are natural occurrences in the world; ways of treating the sickness that could lead to death vary significantly in their approach. Most everyone is familiar with western medicine (aka seeing the doctor and taking prescribed medication), and coming in second is the therapeutic approach (aka caring for your mental health with a therapist), but maybe not so many are aware of energy medicine (aka outside-in and inside-out thinking, Your Body Will Show You the Way).

Ellen Meredith, Doctor of Arts, has dedicated her life work to helping others learn how they can help themselves through simplistic means of being present, along with fourteen chapters worth of facts, skills to try, and examples from real people. The information provided is modern in its approach and could be viewed as “otherworldly” with talk about “cosmic flow” through your body and the skill of giving your adversary a name and channeling your inner self to locate and communicate with it to discover the possibly only means for a cure. Knowing the seasonal energies with the circle of seasons is also helpful when utilizing energy medicine. When left with no other alternatives, give Meredith’s suggestions a try if you feel so inclined.

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Format Trade
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Publisher New World Library
Publish Date 13-Sep-2022
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Issue September 2022
Category Self-Help