The Boy Who Sprouted Antlers

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Originally written more than fifty years ago, this revived children’s story with revitalized illustrations has resurfaced with the message that anything is possible if you wish for it hard enough. Trying to believe in himself after a scolding by his teacher, Billy brags to his best friends that he can grow horns. And lo and behold bumps on his head develop into a beautiful set of antlers, which amazes young Billy, his parents, his doctor, his teacher, and most especially his friends who admire this horny outgrowth.

Follow Billy and his adventures along with the accidents caused by this headachy accessory. While the quick black ink cartoon figures embellished with red felt highlights are charming, these illustrations seem more fitting for magazine sketches. This story takes place in an English educational setting with rather staid school staff that would not appeal to a young American audience. While the message in the story is laudatory, the writing is time warped for the current era and should remain as an historical relic of once popular children’s’ stories typical of British 1960’s.

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Publish Date 2018-Sep-18
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