The Souls of Flowers (Large Encyclopedias)

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The viewer can only gasp in admiration at the exquisitely fragile watercolor renditions of a selection of twenty-one flowers found in meadows and gardens by Czeck botanical painter Paulina Kourkova. Each of these sublime flower studies illustrated on encyclopedic-sized pages is annotated with short summaries depicting their historical significance, their role in mythology, and their recognition as national emblems.

Targeted for the young adult, these entrancing illustrations will captivate all readers. Young viewers will be mesmerized by the delicate beauty of these flowers, artists will be tempted to capture similar images following this illustrator’s paint strokes.

Check out the beautiful blues of irises, tulips, hydrangeas, cornflowers, lilacs, hyacinths; the pinks and reds of roses, poppies, columbines, dahlias; check out the yellows of sunflowers, daffodils, dandelions; and mixtures of shades in the simple garden pansy and the blends of colors in the other examples. Discover that the iris symbolizes courage and wisdom, and the revered rose once signified a broken heart, and the lilac flower can be used in cooking.

These different blooms all have their own fascinating stories, whose secrets accompany the beguiling watercolor presentations. The book is in essence an ode to flowers and should be exhibited for all to enjoy.

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Author Pavlina Kourkova, Klara Mandausova
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 88 pages
Publisher Albatros Media
Publish Date 30-Apr-2024
ISBN 9788000071008 Buy this Book
Issue May 2024
Category Children's