Stalking Justice

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Stalking Justice by John K. Manos is an excellent thriller novel. Told from the perspective of retired policeman Larry Klinger, the reader is introduced to his depression after retirement as he grieves the loss of his son. It has been decades, yet Klinger is still processing the trauma of losing his child. Retirement has only brought more time to think about and reflect on this horrific event. Upon the discovery that he needs help to deal with these overwhelming thoughts, Klinger joins a therapy group of men who have also suffered a similar loss. Meeting this group of men and hearing their stories helps Klinger immensely. Knowing he is not alone and that many others have suffered the same trials helps him begin to close a chapter and move forward with grace. He becomes close to the men in this group, as they share their lives and current relationships, which is why when one of the members of the group confesses that his daughter, Andrea, appears to be being stalked by a former boyfriend, Klinger becomes fearful.

Given his past career, Klinger firsthand has seen the atrocities and dangers that men can pose to young women, especially in this sort of situation. After hearing the facts, he adamantly encourages Andrea’s father to make sure someone is with his daughter at all times, as these situations tend to escalate very quickly. All the men in the group are scared on Andrea’s behalf; having lost one of their own children, they are determined to protect and care for this girl as if she was their own.

The story unfolds as Klinger and the men in the group deal firsthand with the stalker. As the situation gets worse, they are faced with tough decisions as Andrea becomes more and more fearful for her own life.

Stalking Justice perfectly encapsulates the dangers that young women face in today’s society. In a culture riddled with violence, Andrea’s thoughts and concerns echo many – how does one stay safe? Furthermore, this novel also explores the question of how to protect the ones that we love, specifically, how can fathers protect their children? In a world of gun violence and date rapes, Stalking Justice brings attention to the growing need for men to intervene, when necessary, to protect anyone who may feel endangered.

As a whole, I really enjoyed reading this crime and thriller novel. I loved the message and wisdom that Manos bestowed, in addition to an excellent story. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy crime, mystery, and thriller novels 18+.

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Author John K. Manos
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 289 pages
Publisher Amika Press
Publish Date 19-June-2023
ISBN 9781956872132 Buy this Book
Issue June 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller