Dangerfield’s Promise

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In Dangerfield’s Promise by Terrance Newby, the author transports readers to a world where the past collides with the present. Grandma Lorraine, an old woman whose tales of seeing ghosts have long been dismissed by her family, was on the verge of dying. Her most popular story revolves around Uncle Billy’s tragic death in a car accident, but it is her claims about Dangerfield—a relative from her grandson Michael Turner’s mother’s side—that set the stage for a mesmerizing journey.

Despite his skepticism and demanding career as a surgeon, Turner decides to honor his dying grandmother’s last wish by investigating the truth behind Dangerfield’s story. To reconnect with his wife, he plans a vacation to Virginia, where they will visit Harper’s Ferry, the site where Dangerfield’s ghost has allegedly been seen.

Upon arrival, Turner himself encounters Dangerfield’s ghost, but he is hesitant to share his experience with anyone. As Turner starts having vivid dreams and seeing more ghosts, he discreetly reaches out to an acquaintance, Mr. Frazier. Frazier suggests that Turner may have been chosen to tell Dangerfield’s story.

The narrative then delves into the heartbreaking tale of Dangerfield, a man born as a result of a free man’s affair with a slave. When a wealthy slave owner named Jennings attempts to buy Dangerfield, Henry refuses but agrees to let his son work on Jennings’ farm twice a week. It is there that Dangerfield meets and falls in love with a woman, with whom he has children. Tragically, the family is separated when Dangerfield is unable to buy their freedom. Fueled by determination, he joins a group of men committed to fighting slavery and reuniting with his loved ones.

This book masterfully portrays the heartbreaking consequences of slavery and its impact on families. It explores themes such as love, friendship, family, and the bonds formed between unlikely allies.

Set in an era of hardworking farmers and traditional gender roles, the novel offers a glimpse into a time when cultural norms were vastly different from today. The story is inspired by historical events and serves as a tribute to the great abolitionists who fought against slavery. Through the author’s creative lens, readers are taken on an emotional journey that transcends time.

A must-read for fans of historical fiction, this novel weaves together elements of adventure, romance, determination, and a fight for justice, creating an unforgettable tale that leaves a lasting impression. Join Turner in discovering the truth about Dangerfield’s past and experiencing the power of love, family, and the fight for freedom in this attention-grabbing novel.

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Format Trade
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Publisher Outskirts Press
Publish Date 2022-Apr-19
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Issue June 2023
Category Historical Fiction