Organize Your Way: Simple Strategies for Every Personality

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It’s commonly said that any organizational tool only works as well as the use you put to it, and sisters Katie and Kelly McMenamin have taken a deep dive into the intersection of personality theory and home organization both with this book and their business, PixiesDidIt! Based on the theory that successful organization is based on how well you can retrieve what you need when you need it, Katie and Kelly distilled their decades of client experience into a sort of Myers-Briggs test, allowing you to home in on your organizing personality type, and once you know your type, the book becomes a flip-through reference for each room in your house. Chapters begin with universal organizing principles any type can put to use, followed by specific advice for each type, helping you understand why you prefer piles to files or why you own eighty-seven baskets to hold your pantry items. This well-organized, easy-to-use book will help you capitalize on your preferences to make the most of every room in your house. Lively writing and creative ideas can make your home fit you like a glove. The ideal book for anyone wanting a home that works better.

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