Milk Street Instant Pot: Bold, Fast, Fresh — A Revolution of Flavor in an Instant

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The promise of any instant pot cookbook is that the recipes inside will be more than just delicious––they’ll be easy, and convenient, and life will be just a little bit better for having discovered them. Many instant pot recipes fail to deliver in one or more of these areas; they require too much advance preparation, include hard-to-find ingredients, or simply lack taste and verve. Fortunately, this cookbook stands out as a worthy addition to an instant pot recipe arsenal. Some of the recipes are perfectly serviceable, such as the Spiced Butternut Squash Soup; others will enter regular rotation, such as the Chicken Paprikash.

What makes this cookbook most appealing is its very premise: many of the recipes can be prepared fast, in the instant pot, or slow, using the instant pot’s slow-cooker function. Almost all the recipes include prep instructions up to a certain point and then offer a choice of fast or slow options to finish: whatever works best for a particular evening’s schedule. Other cookbooks offering this choice do exist, but the Milk Street recipes are some of the most reliable around.

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Format Trade
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Publisher Voracious
Publish Date 28-Dec-2021
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Issue March 2022
Category Cooking, Food & Wine