Forty to Finish: Cycling to Victory on the TransAmerica Bike Trail (Adventure Travel Series Book 2)

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Forty to Finish takes readers on an exhilarating cycling tour with Army veteran author Larry Walsh, who went on a new cycle expedition after detailing his initial biking excursion in Suit to Saddle. Larry cycled 4,200 miles through ten states, from Oregon to Virginia, as part of his participation in the Trans Am Bike Race. He struggled for most of the race between racing to prove something to himself and racing to enjoy himself. Fortunately for him, he finished the race and made some lovely memories while meeting interesting people, seeing gorgeous scenery, and seeing majestic wild creatures such as a grizzly bear and a bald eagle. Follow Larry Walsh’s daring and very inspirational trip as he cycles through thirst, tension, anxiety, dog attacks, near misses, extreme weather, and other challenging obstacles.

Although the plot seems simple, it actually involves much more than just a man’s desire to finish a cross-country bike ride competition. Larry reveals himself as a creative, dedicated, brave, driven, interesting, and warm person whom anyone would be glad to have a conversation with in person as he reflects on his love of basketball, his two daughters, his military experience, his work experience in the world of sales, and so much more. Fortunately, you can get a sense of what a conversation with him would be like through the fascinating talks he has with other racers and other people he meets along the road. I’ll never forget the helpful advice a former NFL referee from a little town in the middle of Virginia provided him on how he was able to have a great career in the NFL despite coming from a small area.

Aside from specifics on the author’s thoughts and physical state throughout the race, the book also includes historical and current information about the huge landscapes, towns, and native territories that the author passed through. The poetic and creative language of the book provides a good depiction of the stunning scenery that Larry encounters, such as “the music of water falling from the cliffs and onto the pavement—the result of thawing snow flowing from the Cascades.”

Readers who desire to go on similar cross-country bike trips or just want to go bicycling, marathoning, or trekking for long distances will find the author’s recommendations on maintaining one’s inner drive and physical conditions valuable. Forty to Finish is a must-read for all adventure seekers and cycling aficionados out there! It is a remarkably profound and healthy book that redirects one’s focus from materialistic concerns and social media content to the wonderful natural environment around us.

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Publisher Cabin Fever Press
Publish Date 13-Oct-2022
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Issue October 2022
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