“on that Day” A Trilogy

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According to the Bible, Jesus chastised the Pharisees for focusing on irrelevant tasks that made them appear moral and respectable on the outside but left their hearts unreformed. Could churches today be guilty of the same thing Jesus warned the Pharisees about? Are they ignoring the most crucial things and concentrating on the wrong things? “on that Day” A Trilogy by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets explores the shortcomings of prevalent notions of salvation and faithfulness. It explains why no one is saved before the Second Coming and condemns the doctrine of faith without deeds, which, according to the book, is being practiced by various churches in the US today. The presentation of these subjects includes references to biblical passages, a look at the development of Christian churches, and numerous logical interpretations.

As Thomas delivers his message to readers, he helps them comprehend his state of mind while writing the book, which makes it easier to put his words into context. I could comfortably perceive his degree of conviction in some of his assertions as well as how he arrived at some conclusions. “on that Day” A Trilogy also offers readers a well-balanced blend of straightforward instructions, in-depth studies of historical and social issues concerning Christianity, and insightful Bible interpretations. It reveals how history is repeating itself and how Christians can avoid making the same errors as Pharisees and other biblical characters who disregarded or misunderstood the central messages in the gospel of Christ. This comparison of biblical events to contemporary events is one of the book’s most notable features.

The book’s appeal is hampered by the author’s decision to forgo an outline while writing it, as he acknowledged in the prologue. In certain sections, I felt lost and puzzled about the message he was trying to convey. Furthermore, some of the book’s political viewpoints are fairly controversial and may alienate some readers.

Despite its shortcomings, the book has several perceptive lessons that speak to many problems facing Christians today. Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets writes to churches in the USA to reevaluate their emphasis and objectives, much like Paul did in the Bible in his letters to specific churches. Believers are called to focus on the Lordship of Jesus in their daily lives and assist others in doing the same, rather than only dwelling on their past sins and impending resurrection. I think that this message is in line with the fundamental principles of Jesus’ ministry on Earth. This book contains important information for Christians and believers who want to be sure they are following biblical principles.

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