Looking for Trouble: The Classic Memoir of a Trailblazing War Correspondent

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Virginia Cowles was in her twenties when she began to bear witness to armageddon. In 1937, she was covering the fight for the soul of Spain between the Communists and Fascists. Her bylines covered the war from both angles, a combination of luck and determination aiding her in gaining pivotal access and interviews. Each scoop could’ve been her last as lunchtime air raids dropped bombs in close proximity to Virginia and her journalistic brethren. After Spain, Cowles chronicled the growing tensions between Nazi Germany and Czechoslovakia over the disputed Sudetenland region. The appeasement approach chosen by Prime Minister Chamberlain stunned Cowles and her colleagues. Cowles watched with unease as the looming threat of war threatened once again. However it went down, she would be there with a pen ready to document it all.

Looking for Trouble” is a whirlwind journey traveled by correspondent Virginia Cowles over the course of eight years, narrating the fracturing of the European continent. Cowles’ epic travels from civil war-torn Spain to London to Germany to martial Russia encapsulate strategic areas for the second world war. Cowles’ accounting of the build-up to war fascinates on every level. This is essential reading for World War scholars.

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Issue November 2022
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