Everyone But Myself: A Memoir

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This book will appeal to every over-loaded working mom with high expectations of herself (which is probably most of us!). In the same year that Julie returned to work, her yoga studio closed, her husband traveled frequently, her father had a health crisis, and yet she still said yes to every request made of her.

In short, compelling chapters, she describes the meltdown that followed: detailing precisely how her body and mind responded to a panic attack. She’s realistic about barriers she encountered—and privileges (access to insurance, education, family support) that helped her. As she points out, “Recovery is brutally slow when you begin, a road trip that commences on an empty tank.”

Not in any way a how-to manual, this memoir will nonetheless help readers easily draw lessons that can aid anyone in a similar situation: tiny steps of drawing deep breaths, working on a jigsaw puzzle, and larger ones of ongoing therapy, medications, and time passing, allowing her to grow stronger and learn to ask herself: What do you need? And then to fill in the blank with loving, practical responses. Highly recommended for her approachable, friendly style and honesty.

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Author Julie Chavez
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 216 pages
Publisher Zibby Books
Publish Date 09-Jan-2024
ISBN 9798985282849 Buy this Book
Issue February 2024
Category Biographies & Memoirs