Devil Dolphins of Silver Lagoon-Expanded Edition

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Devil Dolphins of Silver Lagoon by Michael Bennett is a book that features compelling behind-the-scene stories, stories behind the arresting images readers get on Flip Nicklin’s National Geographic magazine. Dolphins might be considered friendly with humans, but what happens when humans treat them wickedly and show them no love? They become like the ones encountered by the narrator in the Silver Lagoon. The author takes readers on his photographic adventures, narrating how he worked with Flip Nicklin, how he fell in love with whales, and the dangers of watery adventures. Visit the Island that has been the inspiration for Jurassic Park and follow the author in hilarious expeditions.

Michael Bennett shares powerful memories of his adventures with readers–a work that combines memoir and travel to offer a sumptuous treat to fans of photography and National Geography. The writing is light and humorous, and readers will undoubtedly find themselves entertained most of the time. The author’s love for adventure, especially anything to do with water, is very powerful, and it comes across clearly in the way he’d drop everything and get ready for the next adventure when Flip calls.

The narrative voice is authoritative and it lets the reader in on the fact that the narrative is factual. It is one thing to read fiction and quite another to read factual narratives that are entertaining. One gets the unmistakable feeling that Michael Bennett knows how to make a story enjoyable. The idea of letting readers in on the secrets of what goes on behind the tantalizing photos they get on National Geography is stellar. The stories are mesmerizing, and readers will enjoy the cultural commentary, the encounters with other peoples, and the sheer fun of exploring new terrains and discovering new things. But the dangers that come in the way make the stories even more exciting. Devil Dolphins of Silver Lagoon is a fun and enjoyable read.

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Issue November 2019
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