Close Your Eyes, Sleep

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Close Your Eyes…Sleep is the third installment in Grace Smith’s Close Your Eyes series. Her first two books helped many people through their struggle with freedom and weight. Now in Sleep, Smith is doing the same thing- helping people worldwide to beat their subconscious and get the sleep they deserve without the aid of medicine. Smith presents many real and scary facts relating to the harsh outcomes that we experience internally and externally when we don’t get enough sleep. When we do receive an adequate amount, we experience increased energy and success in life. Since hypnosis is still largely thought of as portrayed in the movies, Smith explains their differences in her books.

I found it reassuring to learn how Smith and everyone else performs hypnosis and how it is simpler and safer than one would think. I loved Smith’s explanation of it: it is meditation with a purpose. If you read any of Smith’s books, you’ll realize that her writing is informative and persuasive. If you’re experiencing a problem that you can’t seem to kick, give hypnosis a try, it might be what you need.

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Publish Date 29-Dec-2020
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