Amy Herzog’s Ultimate Sweater Book: The Essential Guide for Adventurous Knitters

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Amy Herzog’s Ultimate Sweater Book is a useful guide for beginner and intermediate knitters, particularly those without experience in clothing construction. Constructing a sweater is not always intuitive; some of us need extremely technical details. Herzog comes to the rescue with her book and offers guidelines on taking measurements, making sweaters that fit specific measurements and piecing together the components of a sweater. It also includes a comprehensive index of stitch counts for different weights of yarn and breaks things down in an easy-to-comprehend way. The book consists of a discussion on clothing shapes and how to make appropriate adjustments depending on the intended shape. I am an intermediate knitter without much experience in constructing clothing and found the details in this guide easy to follow.

I am looking forward to trying several of the eight cute, trendy patterns. I would recommend Amy Herzong’s Ultimate Sweater Book to intermediate knitters or ambitious beginners who feel confident enough to begin constructing their own clothes.

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