The Bra Book: An Intimate Guide to Finding the Right Bra, Shapewear, Swimsuit, and More!

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Jené Luciani is back with her second edition of The Bra Book, and it is packed full of interesting information and helpful tips for those of us women still struggling with finding the perfect fit. Who knew that a basic undergarment could cause so much trouble? Luciani has brought us a guide that will hopefully help to take some of the stress and pain out of the process.

The book is divided into ten main chapters and three small sections of various tips. In her first chapter, we get an informative yet entertaining history of the bra. From its invention in the early 1900s to the new invention of the OMbra, which measures heart rate and distance traveled and sends them to a phone app, the bra has been in a constant state of change and revision. Following chapters cover the ABCs of bras: how to find the perfect fit, which bras are best under which kind of outfit, and how to fix a bra faux pas. New to this edition are chapters on swimwear and shapewear—a very helpful addition to the topic. Luciani provides a guide to choosing both according to your needs.

Reading Jené Luciani’s guide is like going shopping with your best friend. She tells you what looks good on you and what definitely does not!

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