Unplugged Play: Toddler: 155 Activities & Games for Ages 1-2

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Technology has made life better in a lot of ways, but there are real downsides to the plethora of technology in today’s world. Most people have concerns about such devices in the hands of children. While a tablet can keep a child busy for a while, the downsides of such use are many. Children learn by playing. It’s their job to play, and it is very, very good for them to be actively involved in play. It teaches life-long habits that contribute to health, both mental and physical. But what can one do to keep a toddler busy and learning that isn’t expensive and is known to be good for the child? This wonderful book has one hundred and fifty-five activities and games for the youngest kids, ages one to two. A good introduction includes an action plan, ways to avoid using devices, and what kinds of toys are great to keep around. The four major sections are Solo Play, Parent and Child Play, Play with Others, and Party Play. The writing is casual and accessible, the ideas presented are explained well including why they work. This will be a real asset for parents and caregivers of toddlers.

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