Unplugged Play: Preschool: 233 Activities & Games for Ages 3-5

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Preschoolers, youngsters ages three to five years old, are hungry for ways to keep busy and to learn. They may not express it just that way, but playing is their way of learning, and they want to play, it seems, every waking minute. It can be exhausting for parents and other caregivers, and the easy thing is often to hand the child a tablet or smartphone. But that is a poor solution that builds bad habits. Instead, playing is a much better answer that teaches life-long habits of healthy activity building both physical and mental well-being. But how are caregivers to come up with enough ideas to fill all those hours? This book has over two hundred screen-free activities and games for preschoolers. There is even a list in the back of toys one might want in a well-stocked toy cupboard. Many are things one might have around the house. It’s not necessary to spend a great deal. The activities and games are broken into four sections: Solo Play, Parent and Child Play, Play with Others, and Party Play. So when youngsters say there is nothing to do, this has the answers for that. This book is a winner.

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