The Unseen Body: A Doctor’s Journey Through the Hidden Wonders of Human Anatomy

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An unusual story by a curious observer who not only travels the world but also finds the construction of the human body both intriguing and fascinating. While inspecting the continent’s waterways, a comparison is made between the human circulatory system and the natural flow of water sustaining the land. Seeking to understand cultural differences, this intrepid author learns about altitude sickness while working in the Himalayas, temperature regulation during his icy trek in Russia, and the importance of fat to the Alaskans with whom he snacks on blubber. Eager to mesh with natives, he identifies the parts of the sheep head he is served as guest of honor, while he identifies its anatomy as he carves into his meal. Dr. Reisman engagingly relates provocative stories for the fifteen body parts uncovered in this treatise, and goads the reader to reevaluate their perception of the body. He explains the relevance of mucus in protecting all the bodily orifices, what our secretions or excretions reveal about our functioning organs, and how different cultures treat the body. Most relevantly, this physician emphasizes the necessity of communication between patient and physician to commence with eye contact, before vocal or computer interaction takes place.27.

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Format Hard
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Publisher Flatiron Books
Publish Date 09-Nov-2021
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Issue January 2022
Category Science & Nature