The Inward Outlook: Conscious Choice as a Daily Practice

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The Inward Outlook by Dr. Laura Basha is a guide for readers who want to experience a paradigm shift, be conscious of their thoughts and feelings, and find happiness. Growing up, Laura faced a lot of emotional abuse, and she became introverted. As a child who couldn’t express herself, she turned to painting as a refuge from all her problems. She studied psychology, as she had always had an interest in it. Her career as a psychologist advances and with time, she discovers important personalities like Sydney Banks, who was one of her mentors. There she gained insights into consciousness, meditation, and mindfulness.

The Inward Outlook is borne out of her experience as a licensed trainer. The goal of the book is to help readers become more aware of the present, find their authentic selves, and discover peace of mind. Often, we let the past hold us down instead of moving forward, and then we are caught up with thoughts that cripple our determination and fear. Dr. Basha points out how our thoughts create our reality, and we humans think a lot. The book further clarified my doubts about the power of manifestation. She delved into the basic principles of experience, which are mind, consciousness, and thought. Explaining each term and how the principles play a major part in one’s life.

I was especially interested in a client story she shared. When other psychologists had given up on the woman’s case of schizophrenia. Dr. Basha tried out a different approach that turned out to be effective.

This book is an eye-opening guide. It made me appreciate the beauty of silence more and be more present to enjoy each moment. Although an experienced psychologist, Dr. Basha does not bore readers with psychological jargon; instead, she explains in terms that readers can understand and relate to. And in cases where you don’t understand the meaning of some words, there’s a glossary at the end. I liked how the book had a separate practical guide based on each chapter so that readers could understand the paradigm and get the most out of the book. Apart from that, there are notes at the end of each chapter that aids the learning experience as they point out vital facts and enable readers to jot down some of the things they learned from that chapter.

I recommend The Inward Outlook to you if you seek to enhance your cognitive processes, nurture a resilient mindset, and cultivate overall well-being. This book is particularly well-suited for individuals interested in personal development and self-improvement, offering invaluable guidance on the path to self-discovery and fulfillment.

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Author Laura Basha
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher She Writes Press
Publish Date 05-Apr-2023
ISBN 9781647424732 Buy this Book
Issue August 2023
Category Self-Help