The Forgotten Beasts of Eld: 50th Anniversary Special Edition

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The young wizard Sybel, who cares for powerful, mystical creatures, is surprised to be given an infant, Tamlorn. It is not what she expected, but as the child grows, and Sybel grows, she loves him fiercely. Eventually, his father, the king, comes to claim him. That sets off a chain of events that endanger everyone and everything Sybel has ever cared for.

It’s an absorbing story. But more than that, this book is truly beautiful. Themes of choice, control, power, vengeance, freedom, and love are illuminated as the characters confront their psychological Shadow, asking who they truly are and who they will decide to be. This has a clean, fresh flavor, a simplicity that allows for pondering, for listening to the little that is said, and to the much left unsaid.

As a child, I would have loved the magical elements, the wizards, dragons, and talking beasts. Somewhat older, I would identify with the strong heroine and her reclaiming her power in and against a masculine world. Now a mature reader, I am seduced by these deeper themes of connection, both inter- and intrapersonal.

A classic offers gifts to readers of any age, and more gifts upon successive readings. This book is a classic indeed.

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Author Patricia A. McKillip
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Tachyon Publications
Publish Date 29-Feb-2024
ISBN 9781616964108 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy