The Rings of Dialisk

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Cole’s life was nothing special. He lived in a small rundown apartment and volunteered at the local homeless shelter. It all changed with the chance encounter with a stranger. As a gift for his kindness, she left him a ring. This ring transported Cole to Sajerskeep, a magical realm filled with unfathomable dangers. The ring made Cole an instant target for Fiend, a magic theft. But his chance meeting with Effie and the rest of the Order sets Cole on an enchanted adventure filled with magic and strange creatures.

The Rings of Dialisk is the debut novel by Michael R Willacy. This teen/young adult coming-of-age story is full of adventure, drama, and humor. Set in the magical realm of Sajerskeep, Willacy created an exciting world for his characters to explore, filled with odd and dangerous creatures and many perils. As their journey progresses, it is fun to see how the characters develop while retaining their quarks. As quick-paced as this story is, Willacy doesn’t leave out details or imagery. Join Cole and his friends as they save Sajerskeep from a great evil in The Rings of Dialisk.

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Star Count /5
Format eBook
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Publisher Secret Rare
Publish Date 07-Feb-2023
ISBN 9781739288310 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy