Star Trek: Classic Picard

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About two decades after the original Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation was aired. The original series continues to have a robust and loyal fan base, so the challenge for the creative team was how to recast the series without alienating the existing fan base. This book starts by exploring some of the decisions and options the creative team weighed when creating the Next Generation. Since the Next Generation, there have been other Star Trek series (Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery), but the decisions that the Next Generation’s creative team was making would influence other series, and help propel this series to be among the most successful sequels in the history of television series.

This book is a collection of interviews arranged to follow the series chronologically. These include a season-by-season overview of the themes and changes from the previous season and an analysis of the main characters (both Enterprise crew and favorite villains). The narrative not only includes social factors that have influenced the episodes, but also how the Original series informed the Next Generation, and how it, in turn, influenced future Star Trek series. Definitely a must-read book for Star Trek – especially Next Generation – fans.

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