Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus

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Thousands of years after his death, Jesus’ influence is still felt in different parts of the world, especially on the day dedicated to celebrating his birth. But who exactly is Jesus? Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus aims to discover the hidden truths about the most influential man in history: Jesus. Jonathan Geoffrey Dean provides detailed information and draws conclusions about what Jesus did, what he said, and who he was by employing historical documents, scientific methods, the New Testament, and archaeology. This first installment in a two-book series is born out of more than ten years of research and contemplation. Did Jesus actually exist? Are the miracles genuine? Which accounts of Jesus in the New Testament are most likely accurate? These questions and more are addressed by Jonathan Geoffrey Dean in Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus.

As someone who grew up in a Christian home, I couldn’t resist the urge to find out more about the man who was a major part of my childhood when I came across this book. I must say I was quite impressed by the author’s unbiased and logical conclusions. I learned a lot about Jesus from reading Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus, even though I had read the New Testament at least twice before reading it. The book reassured me that I wasn’t alone in finding some discrepancies in the Bible. I never considered that the Gospel of Luke could have been copied from Mark, and I certainly did not notice that Jesus was said to be from two different places in different parts of the Bible. I found several surprising insights, like these, throughout the book.

I liked that Dean does not make decisions for the audience but instead presents his arguments for and against Jesus’ existence and the validity of his documented activities. With several profound questions, a comprehensive introduction and appendix, and a well-organized execution, readers are carried along in this highly thought-provoking work of nonfiction. Apart from learning about Jesus, I gained considerable knowledge about history and the cultures and practices of the times surrounding the birth of the gospel of Christ.

The book’s adroit mix of accessible language and thorough, all-encompassing examination makes it a must-read for anyone who hopes to unravel the mysteries about Jesus—including Christians, non-Christians, Bible scholars, and even people who have never read the Bible before. Salt & Light: The Complete Jesus is a reminder to all to make sure to fully understand and learn about what they stand for as opposed to taking it at face value.

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Publish Date 31-Mar-2022
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