Goddess: 50 Goddesses, Spirits, Saints, and Other Female Figures Who Have Shaped Belief (British Museum)

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Stories from around the world across millennia have revered female figures and archetypes. Goddess stories have influenced beliefs and practices about women and feminine energy. Cultural historian Dr. Janina Ramirez brings together 50 women deities, saints, and spirits from various cultures in Goddess, published by The British Museum. The illustrated volume features full-color illustrations by Sarah Walsh that exquisitely render the legend and authority of influential and magical women.

Goddess is an excellent introduction to women’s empowerment for young readers. While the stories may be short, they can effectively capture the imagination of anyone open to learning enduring myths from different cultures. The book highlights the power of storytelling in shaping beliefs about gender and gender roles. For example, several stories share a connective theme of nature, such as Oshun and her dominance over the river, Pele and the volcano, and Mokosh, the Slavic deity of the Earth.

Another prominent theme is the role of women as both the creator and destroyer, for example, Xiwangmu, ruler of life, death, creation, and destruction, and Gaia, the Greek goddess of creation and death. From Wales to West Africa, Goddess illuminates beliefs about the power and agency of women, representing the spectrum of sacred feminine embodiment.

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Author Dr Janina Ramirez, Sarah Walsh
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher Nosy Crow
Publish Date 05-Sep-2023
ISBN 9798887770109 Buy this Book
Issue September 2023
Category History