Parkinson’s Lite: The Laughable Side

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Macioce’s little memoir, Parkinson’s Lite, is a quick and enlightening read. It is the story of one woman’s coming to terms with having a chronic illness and learning to find humor even in the darkest of times. She first goes to the doctor for a cluster of symptoms she was at a loss to explain. Her first doctor gave the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Unwilling to accept that, she goes on to get several second opinions, ranging from Lyme disease to internal imbalances and back to Parkinson’s.

With wry humor, Macioce bares her psyche to us. It can be very hard for people to talk about their own failings. She is stubborn, refusing to accept the diagnosis. She is a constant worrier, prone to making mountains of mole-hills and quick to assume the worst. Her journey with Parkinson’s showed her that being fretful and pessimistic was emotionally draining. Being more optimistic and learning to laugh at oneself and conditions one cannot change made living with this chronic illness much easier.

As someone suffering from a chronic illness of my own, I can appreciate these lessons. I would highly recommend this book to anyone in similar circumstances as a valuable lesson that it is possible to thrive and be happy.

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Publish Date 2016-Jan-26
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