ONLY in New York. 34 true Big Apple stories spanning 55 years and five boroughs.

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Only in New York by M.G. Crisci is his retelling of memorable stories involving amazing people, places, and experiences, all involving The Big Apple, namely New York City. This is where Crisci and his wife, Mary Ann, resided with their boys for many years. Crisci, like many Americans, has experienced the really high times in life, such as making millions of dollars in some high-end business deals, experiencing a very memorable honeymoon, and having two healthy sons, as well as the really low, such as letting his greed get the best of him, causing him to go bankrupt, and maybe trusting people a little too much at times.
Crisci’s life in New York City reads almost like a romance novel, with his romance being, besides with his wife, with the city. New York City has so much to offer everyone, and being wealthy doesn’t hurt to be able to take full advantage of the city’s numerous well-to-do restaurants, theaters, concerts, clothing, and accessories (real and knockoff). The writing of his stories flowed smoothly, and even though there were years in between each story, they didn’t need much of a segue with a complete story composed in each chapter. The humorous illustrations beginning each chapter help to prepare the reader for each story. The chapters read very smoothly, which help them to all make sense and make for a quick and pleasant read.

In this paperback story, I have no doubt this book can be another inspiration for many to show that you can start from little and still work yourself up to the top with multiple times along the way of falling back down and rising back up. The fact that Crisci already had multi-millions of dollars by the time he was in his early forties, and is still married to his love, Mary Ann, for many years, was and is quite an accomplishment. His interactions with people along his life’s journey, even if they ended negatively (i.e., identity fraud), or they got sentimental, like with Bennett or Mr. Kelly, were all worth recalling and played a role in shaping his life. It saddened me to read of the many missed opportunities to be with dear friends and loved ones one last time before they passed that he could have enjoyed; even with all the beauty of life, it is fleeting and no one will be around forever with which to share it.

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