Lightfall Book One: The Girl & The Galdurian

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In Lightfall a cautious, overthinking girl named Beatrice (“Bea”) embarks on a journey to find her Grandpa. Cadwallader (“Cad”) is a very adventurous, fun-loving, fearless and optimistic amphibian. The unlikely duo team up to find Bea’s adopted Grandfather. The Grandfather is the famous Pig Wizard who has gone senile in his old age. Cad wants to find Bea’s Grandfather so he can translate the Gauldrian language. On their journey, Cad and Bea come across various people, a rat thief, and villains. On their quest to find Bea’s Grandfather, the duo will most likely end up saving the land of Irpa. 

I like the book–it’s a light read, but it has enough complexity within the story to keep you interested. I felt the story ended too abruptly for me. I know there will be a sequel to this book, but I wish the story ended with a proper ending. The illustrations and artwork are stunning and breathtaking! I absolutely love the artwork and all the interesting fantastical beings in the story! I recommend this book to children or adults who enjoy fantasy with a little bit of magic and a little bit of adventure. 

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Publish Date 9/1/2020
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Category Sequential Art - Kids


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