Home and Away: Writing the Beautiful Game

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The beautiful game is soccer. The Home Game is written by Knausgaard, who is at home in Sweden with his wife and four children. He is writing to his Swedish friend Fredrik Ekelund, who is away in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Knausgaard watches the games on television in between his writing and household chores. Ekelund reports on the games from Botafugo, Rio. They both love soccer and its players. Knausgaard also reflects on his “away” game when he tours the world to promote his books. Their respect for each other, which is shown in this dialogue, is one of the most profound lessons of the book. Even though they disagree on teams and the team stars, they do so in an agreeable manner.

The fact that both writers are skilled in their craft and very knowledgeable about soccer makes for interesting reading even for the non-follower of the sport. However, for literate soccer fans, this book is essential.

Knausgaard’s six-volume autobiography has made him world famous. His co-author, Fredrik Ekelund, has written two previous books on this subject. This book features a beautiful game and beautiful writing about it.

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