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Cat owners and cat lovers will be delighted to read Frankie Comics, a lighthearted slice of life comic compilation of a Siamese cat named Frankie found by the author, Rachel Dukes, and her husband. There’s some humor and crazy hijinks and a whole lot of cuteness going on in the comics. One of my favorite comics is “Morning Routine,” where a sleepy-eyed Rachel goes to brush her teeth only to find Frankie sitting on her toothbrush. Gross, Frankie! The illustrations exude a very comforting, cheerful, and simple vibe, and I like all the white space that borders the panels. I like how in the illustrations, Dukes included armpit hair and leg hair on her character. I don’t think I’ve seen body hair included in any comics that I have read, so props to her for doing so. Frankie Comics is reminiscent of Pusheen the Cat and Sarah’s Scribbles. Cat owners will be able to relate to some of the funny happenings in the book, and it will surely put a smile on their faces.

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Publish Date 2020-10-20
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