A Noble Cunning: The Countess and the Tower

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Based on the life of a real woman, A Noble Cunning tells the story of a Scottish countess’s desperate gamble to save her husband from execution. After the Glorious Revolution, a movement of Jacobites attempted to depose King George I and place the son of James II on the throne to be James III. In the end, it was a failed movement, as the House of Hanover remained on the British throne for decades after, but this period of history has inspired many writers and artists.

Bethan Glentaggart, our heroine, is a fascinating character with a strong voice that should help this book stand out from others in the genre. I did find her voice grating at times (her complaints about George I grew tedious after a while), and there were times when I felt the book was giving too much history or planning and not enough of the present action. Still, Bethan’s mingled determination and vulnerability won me over throughout the book, and I have no doubt she will do the same for many readers.

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Format Trade
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Publisher History Through Fiction LLC
Publish Date 07-Mar-2023
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Issue March 2023
Category Historical Fiction