Challenge Accepted!: 253 Steps to Becoming an Anti-It Girl

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Fans of Celeste Barber’s wildly successful Instagram account where she recreates photos and videos of models and celebrities will be thrilled with her first book, Challenge Accepted. The book, a hilarious and expletive-laden memoir, reveals Barber’s talent for refusing to take things too seriously far exceeds her photography skills and, the book, shows far more of Barber’s heart, as well.

A native of Australia, Barber does a fair bit of questioning American practices in the book—why DON’T we have fairy bread here, for instance? And her love of her family is on full display as well, particularly her utter devotion to the man she refers to as her #hothusband and her four children, two stepdaughters and two biological sons.

The best part about the book by far is the unflinching admissions of her own insecurities, her need to take anti-depressants, and the way she uses humor to deflect when she is uncomfortable. Perhaps if more people were like Celeste Barber, or at least read her book, we’d all feel a little less alone and collectively take ourselves far less seriously.

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