Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs

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With the legalization of marijuana in several states in recent years, the medical benefits of marijuana-based drugs have moved into use. Now, researchers are beginning to see its medical benefits in veterinary medicine. D. Caroline Coile has authored a magnificent book, Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs.

Finally, someone bold enough stepped up to address the issues affecting cannabis and CBD science for dogs. This is particularly important in an age when changes to marijuana’s legality are manifesting in the US. I cannot imagine a better testing ground than animals since they do not support a political agenda nor are they concerned about a politically correct attitude.

Interesting niches abound in this magnificent volume. However, Chapter One is especially appealing to the reader. It outlines important background information, both chemically and politically. The depth and scope of these discussions provide fuel for the contrarian but open the mind for the potential of the drug’s use. The illustrations and interpretation of these give sustenance for the argument Coile wishes to develop and tend to help shed light on some of the deeper points she and others put forward in their research. Many of the discussions she brings to light address the many applications of what she proposes. The book is thoroughly documented, making it a real joy to read as it informs concerned animal caretakers about what to do and how to do it.

At the same time that new remedies are enlightening us, the author is launching hope for those concerned about the health of their pets. And the use of cannabinoids might very well fill the void in many of these medical issues that traditional medicine shrugs its shoulders at.

D. Caroline Coile, Ph.D, has been around. While she is an inductee in the Dog Writers Association of America Hall of Fame, she is also widely published. She writes columns for Dog World magazine, “Breeder’s Notebook” for Dog World magazine, and “Nutrition” for the AKC Gazette. Plus, she is honored in several other national organizations. She is a scholar who knows what she’s talking about, and she lets the reader in on what she is thinking in her writing. Her uplifting prose is well worth reading.

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