Amazing Islands: 100+ Places that Will Boggle Your Mind (Our Amazing World)

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There are thousands of islands on our planet — some very large, such as Greenland, and some not much bigger than several football fields. Each has its own unique flora and fauna, or an unusual history, or a different way of coming into being.

Readers (kids and adults alike) will be fascinated to discover some islands have one species reigning supreme, as the animal has no natural predators there. For instance, an island in China is overrun by venomous pit vipers, while one in Japan is overrun by cats.

There are several islands around the world that became prisons, each with an interesting history. There are even man-made islands, including floating islands in Peru made by the Uros people from reeds. There are island nations and island cities and more.

Each spread in the book tells the story of one to several islands and what is unique about the subject. All are illustrated with stylized illustrations in muted tones that indicate what one might see there. The back matter includes a glossary, a pronunciation guide, an index, and an extensive list of sources.

This is a book that will engender curiosity and further research, and it would make an excellent addition to any library.

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