Time and the Tree: A novel

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/Time and the Tree begins in the summer. The forest is alive and thriving. A young boy wakes up under a large tree. The Tree guides him to water and observes him playing in the woods, providing shelter and a shoulder to lean on when needed. One day, Time arrives, traveling with his slave, The Shadow. But he is always in a hurry and has no time for the Tree’s wisdom.

As the seasons change, other visitors come to seek the knowledge of the Tree. Some wish the Tree well, like the Wanderer. But some, like the Weaver and the Woodcutters, have other designs on the Tree. But the Tree is ancient, and it has no fear. It is well versed in the ways of the world. In this tale, the seasons have a way of coming full circle, as do the characters who come to the forest. And while the fates of some saddened me, I was happy about the outcomes for others.

This is a lovely story that, on the surface, appears like a simple fairy tale. But it is much more than that. It is full of symbolism and knowledge. It reminds us to be playful and open like a child, But also to listen to the wisdom of the Tree, who teaches that life is beautiful even though it involves changes, some of which may be good or bad. It is there to take us on a journey of our choosing. And as we learn in one part of the story, Time takes everything until there is nothing left. A clever line that made me think of the meaning behind our lives. We are here, but only for a time.

One line struck me from the Tree’s message to the woodcutter who wanted to give his life to the Tree after discovering the light: “To be alive is to be extraordinary.” And through this magical tale, I think that is what readers will come to understand. We live in a magical place; we are the light. All we have to do is look inside to find it.

Time and the Tree is a beautiful debut from a talented author. There were so many wonderful scenes in this book, but the one that touched me the most was the journey of the mother bird who couldn’t let go of her dead chick. It was sad, but luckily the Tree showed her the way to overcome her grief. Overall, this book has a beautiful message that is sure to stay with me.

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Publisher Adelaide Books
Publish Date 06-Sep-2021
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Issue October 2021
Category Modern Literature