The Water Outlaws

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The Bandits of Liangshan are feared outlaws known to be made of mostly women. Lin Chong never imagined she’d find herself among their ranks. As the imperial arms master, she lives comfortably, she enjoys what she does and worked hard for it, but in a single moment it’s all stripped away from her when she’s falsely accused of attempted assassination.

Life isn’t easy with the bandits, and Lin Chong questions everyday if it’s the right choice to join them, but if she doesn’t where else can she go? Back in the home she left behind, nothing is well either. A new weapon is in the making. One that could be the ruin of the kingdom she loves.

I always appreciate when authors put a content warning at the beginning of their book, and this one is definitely needed, please check it before reading. There are many characters, too many for me to keep track of, but I was able to sort out the important ones and only mix them up once in a while. The plot drags in the beginning, but after a while it does pick up and I had a hard time putting it down.

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Author S L Huang
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 496 pages
Publisher Tor/Forge
Publish Date 22-Aug-2023
ISBN 9781250180421 Buy this Book
Issue October 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy